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Basically, SEO is having good content and getting good backlinks. And both of those processes can be automated.
Hiring SEO freelancers or agencies is expensive, and their salaries become your losses. With UpSEO, you can cut the intermediaries and allocate that budget directly to link-building and On-Page SEO.
Self-service platform
Organic SEO Traffic
CTR Improvement
1-year warranty for backlinks
Free On-Page SEO Tools
Managed Off-Page SEO
Guaranteed Delivery
24/7 Customer Service
How to start SEO?
1. Register with a Free Trial
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3. Wait 1-2 hours for the Free Backlink
4. Buy Link-building credits and get new backlinks every month
5. See your website's positions in Google improving
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* The price is for a DA10 backlink if purchased 12 backlinks package, including unique blog posts related to your website. Delivery time is about 1-3 weeks, depending on the availability of the bloggers in your particular niche.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is SEO as a Service?

SEO as a Service(SEOaaS) is a type of seo agency that provides search engine optimization as an online service, minimizing the need for manual human labour, thus reducing the cost of the service and maintaining high quality regardless of the amount of work. Online services are available instantaneously, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, from any country.

Will humans work on my website, or is it just robot AI?

Real humans process all your link-building purchases, which is why some parts of our service may provide results with a few days' delay. Our operators match your website with bloggers and check the quality of the delivered content.

However, many other parts of SEO, such as On-Page analysis, filtering out unrelevant blogs, and comparing your website to competitors, can be fully automated and, therefore, become available at any moment.

Even though some parts of UpSEO include manual labor, the SEOaaS is completely automated from a client's point of view. We minimize interaction with our customer service but are still available 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

What makes UpSEO better than a classic SEO Agency?

First of all, UpSEO is an SEO agency. In principle, we are not very different from any other SEO company. We analyze your website, compare it to your competitors, provide recommendations on improving your content, titles, and descriptions, determine how many and of what quality backlinks you need, and purchase backlinks on your behalf.

What makes the difference is that UpSEO is fully transparent, and you have 100% over the process. You do NOT need to fill out forms, Zoom with a sales rep, wait for a quote, and then wait a week or two for the first report. With UpSEO, you get your first report within minutes of activating your first project and your first backlinks within days. 

Do you want to add another website to work? Not a problem! Just create another project. 
Did you decide to pause the work? Not a problem either. There's no retainment; pause it for a month and continue later from the same point.

What if my website is not in English?

Our platform is language agnostic, meaning we can work with any website with any language. 

However, we will mainly use English blogs because there may be few blogs in your language. Still, we will publish content or at least the anchor in your language, making the backlink as localized as possible.

SEO Link-building Service

Link-building is a proven way to show search engines like Google that you are credible and trustworthy. By getting links from respected sources, your website gains legitimacy. The algorithm may rank it higher, and more people will see it.
Investing in a reputable SEO link-building service can help boost your website's traffic and generate more leads.
UpSEO automatically compares your website with your competitors in the Top and analyzes how many and what kind of backlinks are needed to win the Top.
At this point, our professional link-builders pick up your project and contact matching bloggers about writing articles for your website.
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Organic SEO Traffic

SEO Traffic can help improve website ranking. Search engines try to give users the best results. When a visitor clicks on a link to your site from a SERP, it tells Google that your site has information relevant to the search keyword. When more users visit a website organically, it sends a positive signal to search engines. It shows that the site is relevant and valuable for search queries.  If a site receives a lot of organic traffic, people will likely view it as more relevant, leading to higher rankings.
Get Organic SEO Traffic

On-Page SEO

When you create a project, we automatically analyze the following:
  • The page you want to rank higher
  • The keyword
  • Top 10 of your competitors who are higher than your website
As a result, we create an easy-to-read To-Do list of On-Page & Off-Page SEO improvements, including what kind of Backlinks you need to purchase every month to win the top.
We will then occupy ourselves with blogger outreach to fulfill your link-building orders.

On-page SEO is included in every Link-building project.
SEO stats
UPSEO project

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an essential part of the link-building process. To better understand what backlinks to purchase, we compare your website with your competitors at higher positions in Google than you are.
We consider dozens of metrics and show you well-prepared, easy-to-read reports. With that data, you can see what your website needs regarding backlinks and link-building.

Off-page SEO is included in every Link-building project.
What our clients say about UpSEO:

Get Organic Backlinks

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a marketing service that involves reaching out to influential bloggers to build relationships and promote products or services. It typically provides content, such as blog posts, guest posts, interviews, and product reviews, that the blogger can use to engage their readers. This type of outreach aims to increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to the company’s website.

  • DA10+ Backlinks from just $47
  • DA20+ Backlinks from just $67
  • DA30+ Backlinks from just $82
  • DA40+ Backlinks from just $147
  • DA50+ Backlinks from just $267

The prices include at least a 1000 words guest blog post and a 1-year warranty with free replacement.

Improve Search Engines Positioning

CTR Clicks

Search engine clicks can improve your website's position by increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user clicks on a link to your website from a SERP, it signals to Google that your website is relevant and popular. This increases the likelihood that your website will appear higher in the SERPs when users search for related terms. Additionally, increased click-through rates can help boost organic rankings as well.

  • Pack of 10 000 clicks, $0.14/click
  • Pack of 6 000 clicks, $0.16/click
  • Pack of 2 800 clicks, $0.17/click
  • Pack of 1 330 clicks, $0.22/click
  • Pack of 660 clicks, $0.29/click
  • Pack of 250 clicks, $0.39/click
  • Pack of 100 clicks, $0.47/click

The prices include daily position checking. We guarantee that all the clicks will appear in your Google Search Console.

Check Positions

SERP Checker

Checking SERP positions helps SEO by providing insight into how well a website is performing in organic search results. It can help identify areas of improvement, such as which keywords are ranking higher than others and what content needs to be optimized for better visibility. Additionally, it can provide data on competitor performance, allowing marketers to make informed decisions about their own SEO strategies. Lastly, checking SERP positions can help track progress over time and measure the success of any changes made to the website or its content.

  • 500 000 checks, $0.001/check
  • 200 000 checks, $0.002/check
  • 60 000 checks, $0.004/check
  • 10 000 checks, $0.009/check
  • 5 000 checks, $0.011/check
  • 2 000 checks, $0.014/check
  • 500 checks, $0.02/check

We recommend daily position checking. The prices include daily, weekly, and monthly Google positions reports.

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Got any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the content?
UPSEO SEO company

Our exceptionally talented in-house trained 70+ content writing team who are all well versed with the ghost blogging writing style.

How long will these placements stay live for?
UPSEO SEO company

Placements usually last indefinitely but we’ll guarantee them for at least 365 days from the time of placement for peace of mind. The majority will be around for many years.

Can we approve sites or content?
UPSEO SEO company

You won’t be able to pre-approve however you can manage the live progress and see placements as we secure them from within your dashboard. The content is non promotional and written in a ghost blogging style so it would be unnecessary to pre approve.

How do you do the clicks?
UPSEO SEO company

We have a platform where people worldwide can join and start receiving small payments for searches and clicks.
If you are interested in performing the clicks, please join at jobs.upseo.com
We advertise this platform on Google Ads to attract more people and make the clicks more diverse.

Do you gaurantee No Bots?
UPSEO SEO company

Whenever a person who works with us takes a task, we check its IP address and browser's environment. The address should be a real residential one from the targeted location. Sometimes a captcha may be shown. The same happens when the job is finished.
That is how we guarantee that real people do all the clicks and no automation is used.

Is there a risk?
UPSEO SEO company

There are services in the market that provide cheaper SEO Clicks faster but be aware of robotic bot clicks.
Google and other search engines can easily detect if the results were done by a robot or a normal human being.
Simple things like mouse movements, window size, IP address, and many others are used to detect bots and penalize websites.
We use our proprietary software to detect possible bots and filter them out to ensure that we use only natural ways to achieve the results and only real people.

Is it safe for ads?
UPSEO SEO company

Yes, it is safe!
All the organic traffic we provide is done by real people surfing from Google.
But do not expect any earnings from this traffic. We only focus on improving your Google positioning.

How many checks do I need?
UPSEO SEO company

We recommend checking the positions daily to see your website's rank dynamic. In a month, such a project will consume around 30 credits.
A project is a set of a Website, Keyword, Location, and Langauge. If you need to check from another location or use another language, you are expected to create another project for it.
Multiply the quantity of the projects by 30 to get the number of clicks needed per month.

Should I do any SEO apart from the Clicks?
UPSEO SEO company

Yes! The CTR improvement should be only part of your SEO strategy. It is essential to continue working on backlinks and do on-page SEO. The SEO Clicks can speed up the delivery of good positions, but they cannot wholly substitute the fundamental SEO.

Why do you provide only 50 clicks for the Trial?
UPSEO SEO company

SEO Clicks is a powerful technique, but Google never reacts to any changes instantaneously. That is why we, like any other SEO company, ask you to commit to at least 1-2 months to start seeing any results.
The Trial we provide aims to show you that the clicks appear in Google Search Console, that our service is genuine, and the results are guaranteed. The Trial is not intended to improve your positions. It is impossible to do it in such a short time.

What will the content be about?
UPSEO SEO company

Content is created to fit perfectly on the blog owners website and we ensure it relates to your link. You’ll get a great natural looking relevent link.

Where are the links placed?
UPSEO SEO company

Unlike others we get you real, editorial in-content links. Thats links and ‘mentions’ that exist naturally within the flow of the content along with a couple of other useful non competing links to further solidify the natural aspect of the content. No author boxes here.

What is a Click?
UPSEO SEO company

A click is when a real person from the targeted location takes your keyword and searches Google. Then this person browses through all the results looking for your website and clicks on it.
The system checks that the person stayed at least 60 seconds and opened a few pages on your website for the traffic to look natural.

Do you guarantee results?
UPSEO SEO company

We always guarantee delivery of our services according to your created project.
Your SEO strategy should always be complex enough to embrace link-building and relevant texts.
We improve only one part of your SEO, only the Organic CTR part; hence we cannot guarantee any particular positions at any specific time.

How can we see the clicks delivered?
UPSEO SEO company

First of all, you will see more organic traffic in your Google Analytics or any other modern traffic counter.
The other tool we strongly recommend using is Google Search Console, where you can see both keywords from where the traffic is coming and CTR for each of the keywords.

How does your service work?
UPSEO SEO company

We hire real people worldwide, paying them a small fee for every click they make.
We have a complicated software that tracks the clickers' behavior and controls that all the clicks are done naturally so that from the search engines' point of view, the clicks would look like regular organic clicks.
Every task we give to our clickers consists of searching for your keyword, finding your website in the results, clicking on your website, and then staying and doing something not less than 60 seconds on your website.
Such a process ensures that your Organic CTR ratio will be better than that of the other websites in the results, and it will show the search engine that your position should be increased.

Does it work for ads?
UPSEO SEO company

Although we use real people to do the clicks, their task is to find your website in Google, click on it, and then browse your website. They may click on your ads, but we do not expect them to do it.
Please do not use our traffic for Adsense earning or other ad platforms.

What is a check?
UPSEO SEO company

When you create a project, you specify:

- Website
- Keyword
- Country
- Language

Then the system starts checking the position of the Website for the Keyword. We use real browsers with the Language and local proxies from the Country to make the requests; therefore, the data is precise and shows the actual position of your website.
Each request consumes 1 Check Credit. So a project will consume about 30 credits per month to do the checks.
You can choose to receive the reports in your email daily, weekly, or monthly.

How many clicks should I order?
UPSEO SEO company

Please start with the calculator above to get the total amount of clicks needed for the targeted positions. Add the clicks gradually to prevent any spikes in the CTR and make the increment in the clicks look natural.
Depending on the number of clicks you add, plan the total growth in 1-3 months.

Why should my website be in the Top 100?
UPSEO SEO company

This requirement comes from the nature of our service. We use real people to do the clicks, and therefore, they need to be able to locate your website on the Google Search Results Page. If your website is not present in Google for the keyword you want to promote, then we cannot click on it.