Off-page SEO for Blockchain and Crypto Websites

Crypto and Blockchain SEO

SEO for crypto can significantly increase visibility and online presence. It helps potential users and investors easily find relevant information about cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and projects. This can contribute to increased credibility, trust, and overall visibility of the crypto industry. SEO strategies can enhance website rankings and organic traffic, leading to more conversions, purchases, and engagement within the crypto community. It allows crypto businesses to target specific keywords, optimize content, and effectively reach and educate their target audience. SEO for crypto positively impacts the overall growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Backlinks in Link-building?

Backlinks in link-building are incoming hyperlinks from one website to another. They vote for confidence or endorsement from one website to another, indicating to search engines like Google that the linked-to website is valuable, informative, and trustworthy. Backlinks are essential in search engine algorithms, as they signal the quality and relevance of a website's content. A website receiving high-quality backlinks from reputable sources can positively impact its search engine rankings, domain authority, and online reputation. Backlinks act as virtual pathways that direct traffic from one website to another, driving user engagement and search engine visibility.

Why does my Crypto website need Backlinks?
  1. Improved Search Engine Rankings: Backlinks are crucial in search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google consider backlinks to measure your website's authority and relevance. A higher number of quality backlinks from reputable websites can significantly improve your crypto website's search engine rankings, making it more visible to potential users and investors.
  2. Increased Organic Traffic: Backlinks serve as pathways that drive referral traffic from other websites to yours. When high-quality websites link to your crypto website, it can generate more visibility and organic traffic. As more people discover and visit your website through these backlinks, it increases conversions, engagement, and growth opportunities.
  3. Credibility and Trust: Backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites in the cryptocurrency industry can enhance your website's credibility and trustworthiness. When other trusted websites associate with yours through backlinks, it establishes your website as a reliable source of information, which can attract more users, investors, and partnerships.
  4. Enhanced Domain Authority: Building quality backlinks over time can increase your domain authority, a metric that evaluates a website's overall credibility and relevance. A higher domain authority can positively impact your website's visibility, organic rankings, and trustworthiness across search engines and platforms.
  5. Improved Brand Awareness: Backlinks can introduce your crypto website to a broader audience, exposing more individuals to your brand and offerings. Increased visibility can lead to improved brand awareness, recognition, and the potential for future collaborations or opportunities within the cryptocurrency industry.

How are Blockchain Backlinks different from regular ones?

Blockchain backlinks differ from regular backlinks primarily because they originate from websites or platforms within the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry. Here are a few ways in which blockchain backlinks can vary:

1. Relevance: Blockchain backlinks are relevant to the cryptocurrency, blockchain, or fintech domains. These backlinks come from websites, blogs, forums, or platforms that discuss or feature content related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), decentralized finance (DeFi), smart contracts, or other related topics.

2. Niche Networks: Blockchain backlinks often come from niche networks or communities built around the blockchain industry, such as crypto news websites, blockchain forums, cryptocurrency exchanges, or blockchain-focused directories. These networks are typically specific to the crypto ecosystem and attract individuals interested in or involved with blockchain technology.

3. Authority: Blockchain backlinks frequently come from trusted and authoritative sources within the cryptocurrency industry. These sources may include prominent blockchain projects, respected industry influencers, established crypto media outlets, or recognized thought leaders within the blockchain community.

4. Industry Reputation: Blockchain backlinks have a particular industry reputation. They signal to search engines and users that a website is connected to the blockchain ecosystem and is recognized by other trusted entities within the field. This can enhance the credibility and expertise associated with a crypto website.

5. Targeted Audience: Blockchain backlinks often direct targeted traffic from individuals specifically interested in or searching for blockchain-related information, cryptocurrency investments, or blockchain technology solutions. This targeted audience can increase your crypto website's engagement, conversions, and relevance.

Overall, blockchain backlinks align with the niche and specialized nature of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, providing more specific and valuable relevance to your crypto website.

How do I get Crypto backlinks?
  1. Create valuable crypto content: Produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, or topics of interest to the crypto community. This can include blog posts, guides, tutorials, research papers, or insightful industry analyses. When your content is valuable, other websites or influencers may naturally link to it.
  2. Conduct outreach to crypto influencers: Identify influential figures within the cryptocurrency industry, such as blockchain experts, industry analysts, or cryptocurrency bloggers. Reach out to them and offer to contribute guest articles, provide expert insights, participate in interviews, or collaborate on content projects. When they mention or feature your website in their content, it can lead to valuable backlinks.
  3. Guest posting and contribution: Research popular crypto blogs, news sites, or online publications that accept guest contributions. Propose well-written, insightful articles to relevant platforms that align with your target audience. Include a link to your crypto website in your author bio or article. It's essential to focus on providing value rather than solely self-promotion.
  4. Participate in crypto forums and communities: Engage actively in cryptocurrency forums, social media groups, and online communities. Provide helpful insights and advice, or answer questions related to cryptocurrencies. As you establish credibility and build relationships within these platforms, other community members may naturally reference or link to your website.
  5. Seek partnerships with reputable crypto projects: Find established blockchain projects, cryptocurrency exchanges, or other reputable entities within the crypto industry that align with your objectives. Collaborate on joint initiatives, conduct interviews, or explore co-marketing opportunities. You may receive backlinks from their websites or platforms when these partnerships are executed.
  6. Monitor mentions and reclaim unlinked references: Use tools to monitor online mentions of your brand, name, or content. If you find mentions without a corresponding link to your website, kindly approach the reference source and request that they include a hyperlink to your crypto website where appropriate.

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SEO Traffic for Crypto

Organic SEO traffic is vital in helping crypto websites rank higher in Google search results. By implementing effective SEO strategies, websites can optimize content, structure, and keyword targeting to improve visibility and relevance. When a crypto website receives significant organic traffic, it sends positive signals to Google, indicating its credibility and value to users. Consequently, Google rewards these websites with higher rankings, aiming to deliver users the most relevant and trustworthy results. Organic SEO traffic helps generate backlinks, increases user engagement metrics, and enhances overall online presence, all of which contribute to higher rankings in Google for crypto websites.

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Link-building for Blockchain

Link-building helps blockchain websites achieve higher rankings in Google search results. By acquiring high-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative sources, blockchain websites can establish their credibility and authority in the eyes of Google's algorithms. Google views backlinks as a vote of confidence from other trustworthy websites. The more reputable and relevant websites that link to a blockchain website, the higher it is likely to rank in Google. Additionally, link-building helps increase a blockchain website's visibility and referral traffic as people click on these links and are directed to the site. As a result, link-building is a powerful tool to improve the overall visibility, credibility, and rankings in Google for blockchain websites.

What our clients say about UpSEO:

Our Link Building Process

Step 1

The Outreach Stage

The link-building service's outreach stage is identifying, contacting, and building relationships with potential link partners. It involves researching websites in the same industry, identifying potential link partners, and reaching out to them with an offer to exchange links. This stage of the link-building process requires a lot of effort, but it can significantly increase the quality and quantity of backlinks to an online casino.

Step 2

The Content Stage

The content stage of the link-building process involves creating content that is relevant to the website's topic, and that appeals to the target audience. This stage also consists of optimizing the content for search engine visibility and ensuring it contains enough quality backlinks to other relevant websites. Additionally, content should be distributed through various platforms such as social media, press releases, blogs, and other platforms.

Step 3

View Your Placements

The final stage of the link building process is monitoring and maintenance. This includes tracking link metrics, such as link quality, link age, the referring domain’s authority, and other factors. It also includes periodically checking backlinks to ensure they are still active, as well as proactively removing any broken links or links from low-quality websites.

Blogger Outreach Benefits

Genuine Outreach
We find relevant blogs and then reach out to their owners
In-Content Links
All links are placed within the context of the text rather than as a separate elements
Magazine Quality
Content written by our own in-house writers that is 100% unique and of the highest quality.
Domain Authority (DA)
We only reach out to sites with high Domain Authority quality scores.
No Duplication
All orders are logged in our records to ensure no client receives the same placements.
The Best Price
We strive to offer our customers the best prices on their purchases.

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DA10+ Backlink

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
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  • Ahrefs DR10 Average*
  • Includes 1000 Word Gambling Blog Post
  • 1 Gambling Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains

DA20+ Backlink

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA20+ Guaranteed
  • Ahrefs DR15 Average*
  • Includes 1000 Word Gambling Blog Post
  • 1 Gambling Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains

DA30+ Backlink

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA30+ Guaranteed
  • Ahrefs DR20 Average*
  • Includes 1000 Word Gambling Blog Post
  • 1 Gambling Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains

DA40+ Backlink

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA40+ Guaranteed
  • Ahrefs DR25 Average*
  • Includes 1000 Word Gambling Blog Post
  • 1 Gambling Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Editorial In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains
*Ahrefs DR is an indicative average based on historic data, but is not guaranteed.

Got any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Link-Building a White Hat SEO?

Yes, link-building can be considered a white hat SEO technique when it is done in a legitimate and ethical way. Link-building involves the creation of links from other websites to yours, which can help increase the visibility of your website and improve your search engine rankings. However, links should come from relevant and high-quality sources, and they should not be created in a manipulative or spammy way.

What is domain authority(DA)?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that measures the strength of a website's domain. It is based on a 100-point scale and considers a wide range of factors, including link profile, domain age, and credibility. Domain Authority scores can range from one to 100, with higher scores indicating a greater ability to rank well in search engine results.

What is DA20?

A Domain Authority of 20 means that the website in question has an above-average ability to rank on SERPs.

What is DA40?

A Domain Authority score of 40 indicates that the website has a good chance of ranking well for relevant search queries.

Who writes the content?

Our exceptionally talented in-house trained 70+ content writing team who are all well versed with the ghost blogging writing style.

Can we approve sites or content?

You won’t be able to pre-approve however you can manage the live progress and see placements as we secure them from within your dashboard. The content is non promotional and written in a ghost blogging style so it would be unnecessary to pre approve.

What is DA10?

A Domain Authority score of 10 indicates that a website has a moderate amount of authority and is likely to rank moderately well in SERPs.

What is DA30?

A score of 30 means that the website is likely to have moderate success in ranking for relevant search queries.

What is DA50?

A Domain Authority score of 50 is considered high above average, meaning a website is expected to have one of the best visibility in Google and other Search Engine results.

What will the content be about?

Content is created to fit perfectly on the blog owners website and we ensure it relates to your link. You’ll get a great natural looking relevent link.

Where are the links placed?

Unlike others we get you real, editorial in-content links. Thats links and ‘mentions’ that exist naturally within the flow of the content along with a couple of other useful non competing links to further solidify the natural aspect of the content. No author boxes here.

How long will these placements stay live for?

Placements usually last indefinitely but we’ll guarantee them for at least 365 days from the time of placement for peace of mind. The majority will be around for many years.